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December 26th 2013  

We’re well aware that throughout 2013 we haven’t been exactly active, but the end of the year seemed like an appropriate moment to do some much needed catching up!

To kick things off: here’s the songs that defined this year’s first quarter for us. Enjoy reminiscing, and potentially discovering some overlooked gems!!

June 21st 2013  

Catching Up: Little Mix - DNA (Acoustic)

Entered our weekly song chart in: November 2012
Peaked at: #8

We’ve been gone for 7 months. We can’t go back in time and change that fact. However, we cán go back and catch up on the things we really should have posted about. Because they were too good to miss. Because we think you might like them. And because we do love to reminisce.

Being an X Factor winner with an album that even went top 5 in the US, few people who’d care to know about Little Mix don’t by now. However, for all the non-UK and casual fans, who don’t go out of their way to dig up every possible performance of the band, we couldn’t leave out this little gem in our attempt to catch up on the past few months.

Despite accusations of it shamelessly ripping of ET, DNA was quite a solid second single for the girls, for a big part thanks to its production. Now with quite a few solid pop songs, once you take away the beats, they fall flat, severely lacking some much needed ‘oomph’. With this Loose Women performance, DNA proved to be quite the opposite. Obviously this incarnation of the song won’t fill any floors, but it does really allow the girls’ vocals to shine and adds a whole new layer of emotion to the song. Goosebumps.

Next up: A song from the ’10s greatest 2-piece girl group album… until Heartthrob.

June 13th 2013  

Mutya Keisha Siobhan - Flatline (preview)

So it would seem the release of the Sugababes' (let's not overcomplicate things) new single is very near, although you can never be to sure with the pace they've been moving at thusfar.

Either way, today they released a preview of Flatline, their first single in 12 years.
Apart from it probably not sounding exactly like their ’00s output, nor sounding like Wear My Kiss ‘13, we are not sure exactly what we were expecting of it, but we definitely weren’t expecting the Coldplay-ish beats and ‘woh’s’. We’ll reserve final judgement for the full thing. As for now, we’re blown away nor disappointed, but it is nice to hear their voices together again.

June 12th 2013  

The Lovely Wars - Young Love

It’s like popstars got a memo that we’re back, because it’s been raining nice pop videos ever since we announced it. The newest, and our favourite of today, is the 2nd single from The Lovely Wars.
In case that doesn’t ring a bell: it’s the new band of Ani Saunders, one of The Pipettes (or actually The one and only Pipette, since Gwenno left the band).

Although The Lovely Wars definitely got their own sound, there’s loads to love here for any Pipettes fan. For starters, the vocals. We’re ashamed to admit that we were so busy seeing Ani as the ‘new Pipette in town’ that we never quite realized how fond we’d grown of her voice.. or maybe it just never got the chance to shine like it does now. Either way, we love it. Second: despite some misleading synths at the start, the whole retro/’50s influence we’ve always loved from artists like The Pipettes, Lucky Soul and the early Cardigans is still there with all its (literal) bells and whistles.

We don’t think Ani put The Pipettes on a break to go out and do the exact same thing with another band, and there obviously are some differences as well, but the fact that the sound isn’t a huge departure from her previous material shows a genuine fondness of the genre, which we, as fellow fans, can only appreciate.

Young Love is the title track of the same-titled EP, and will be out on the 1st of July.

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